Cat Boarding

Boarding Your Cat: FAQs

How can I minimize the stress of being boarded?

Cats are creatures of habit and would really rather not switch the environments they are accustomed to. Therefore, we recommend bringing along an article of clothing with your scent on it, or perhaps a kitty bed they are used to sleeping in, a food dish or a favorite toy to help ease them into their new space.

Is our kitten too young to be boarded?

We accept kittens for boarding who are 16 weeks and older (after their vaccinations are complete), and encourage owners who plan to board their cats as adults to introduce them as kittens to the experience. Once they have adjusted to the idea of being boarded, it is easier the next time around. We will even reserve the same cage for them when possible.

Will you accept an elderly cat who needs extra help?

Some cats have special needs. Maybe their range of motion is limited (we have single level accommodations) or they require special medications or diets. At Sleepy Hollow we are also prepared to administer medications if necessary. We are also on site 24 hours a day.

What will you feed my cat during his stay?

Please bring your cats regular food from home. It is important to feed your cat the foods he is used to eating to minimize stress.

We plan to be away for three weeks. Is there a limit to the length of time our cat can be boarded?

There is no time limit to a guest’s stay. We have found most cats stoically adjust to change (although they don’t like it) and have had feline guests for several months without behavioral or other problems.


  • There are 56 million cats in the US.
  • Cats make approximately 100 sounds—more than any other animal except humans.
  • Tortoiseshell (3-color) cats are almost always female.
  • Cats have difficulty seeing up close.
  • Double-pawed cats originated in New England.
  • Cats are attracted to food by smell.

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